Friday, May 21, 2010

Melons and cukes

I planted them around 6pm.  Overnight temps forecast to be in the upper 40's and lower 50's through next Friday.
They sleep outside in the seed flats as it is, the ground was and stays warmer overnight. Plus i put row cover over them. So they should be cozy.
The soil felt quite warm, the cover on the melon row definitely helped with the soil temperature.

The only melon i did not plant were the Banana. They are late starters and have not sprouted yet.

I plan to direct sow the green beans, and rutabagas ....maybe the beets tomorrow.

I'm sort of throwing caution to the wind at this point.

I doubt i'll  be able to next year, this has been an exceptionally mild spring.  I hope this bit of apparent risk is  going to be worth it. If we have no frosts in the next 14 days, i will be glad i did it.

Under cover, i think the plants can stand a light frost. 


Faith said...

If you have any extra fabric, you can double cover them by simply laying a sheet directly on the seedlings inside the hoop houses. It will buy you another 2 or 3 degrees at least.

My banana melons have just sprouted out in the garden.


icebear said...

True, and i still have another half roll left over if i should need it. i was also thinking the top half of a 2 liter bottle. i have enough of those waiting to be taken to the redemption center... i could only cover the tender stuff and the hardier things could fend for themselves.

But it looks like there may be a hurricane forming already... there might be no cool air up the east coast anytime soon!