Saturday, May 22, 2010

More planting today.

Hubby was tired of looking at the mini greenhouses in the middle of the far end of the driveway.  So, i decided that the rest of the stuff could live temporarily in the empty part of the Tomato Row.  Corn might go there later, but for now there is just a few feet of radishes,  but plenty of room leftover between the radishes and the tomatoes.
So the greenhouses are ready to be put away for a while and all the  plants are technically in the garden... heh.

But i actually did plant the summer squash seedlings and sowed the bulb fennel seeds. I also planted the burdock and globe artichoke seedlings.

Still waiting on the Banana melon seeds to sprout. They are the only melon that wasn't ready for its hill. One actually has sprouted, but i'm doing 3 per hill, so i am waiting for it to have friends.

I put a wired remote thermometer inside the hoops where the tomatoes are, and at ground level the temperature reached 85 degrees around noontime. It feels nice and humid in there too when i reached in to place the thermometer wire inside. Actual outside temps were about 72 and 40% humidity.  So it is definitely creating an early summer climate under the Reemay and i bet the soil is much warmer than it would be without it.  I bet it would be cooler on a breezy day.

Since the pepper and eggplant seedlings were going to be outside anyway i went ahead and planted them too. I imagine they will stay warmer in the garden soil, under the hoops than they would in their little pots in the greenhouses.  I got the "Fooled You" Jalapeno,, New Ace sweet pepper, Slim Jim eggplant and the Scarlet Chinese eggplant all in. The only one left out is the Zsa Zsa sweet pepper seedlings.  I managed to get 3 so far out of the last 6 seeds i sowed on a heat pad.  It looks like a couple more might come up-  but i will wait to plant them because they took so long to sprout, if i pant them too early i bet they won't grow even a smigen more at this rate.

All i have left to plant are a few more tomato seedlings that just came up a few days ago-  Siberia and Empire....
The odd cabbage and Swiss chard seedlings that i extracted from the onion flats, a few brussels sprouts, hopefully some cauliflower- i have all but given up on them...  the original wintersown sprouts are still tiny.
Then, the rutabaga, the salsify seedlings, beets, the Appaloosa beans and the string beans will go in, then the corn when it warms up more and the radishes are almost ready to come out.

Forecast overnight low tonight is 47F
Sunday its 49
Tuesday: 58
 No rain in sight as of now.

The grapevine still seems happy and there have been no woodchuck  raids on my garden yet.
I can see that i will have a lot of weeding to do throughout the summer. There are things popping up all over the place.

I still don't think the carrots and parsnips are even close to sprouting yet. I can't see anything happening there.  I have never had good luck with carrots. 


Faith said...

I was dissappointed in my carrots both last year and this year. One thing is my soil is too hard. They have a hard time coming through it, I think. But it's got to be more than that.

The best showing has been my Danvers Half Longs. They came up great. A couple of others have made a showing, and the rest - nothing.

I gave up on getting my dill to sprout out in the herb garden, so I bought a peat pot of them at Lowe's.


icebear said...

i'll have to look back, but i'm sure its been more than 2 weeks since the carrots went in. still nothing today.

i guess its no big deal. i don't even eat carrots. i like them but i don't eat them. they were for the kids to try (they both love carrots), garden grown taste totally different than store bought. i wanted them to experience that.
now parsnips, i love them, but i have to take it easy eating them, they are very sweet and have a high GI.

as far as the seeds go, they are too hard to keep moist. i water every day or every other day and i don't think its been enough. i chickened out on using a board, having no memory of what a carrot sprout looks like, i was afraid they'd sprout up and by the time i realized it, they would be too spindly and blanched.
i have heard of SF gardeners starting them in cell packs, but that's beyond even my tolerance for tedium.
i think i should have gone with a standby like danvers 1/2 long myself, but i was hoping to impress the pre-teen with a brilliant show of color.
if they don't come up, so be it. i can use the space in other ways, i'd love an extra spot for green beans or cabbage. :oD

Anonymous said...

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