Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Frost last night.
The forecast said 31 for a low.
But actual low was around 27 degrees.
I have proof!

I have no idea which will come back and which won't.  Kinda stinks, looks like things got just a bit too cold.  Since some things are alive it had to have been just on the edge.
If i had expected the temps to be almost 5 degrees below what was forecast, i would have brought them all in.
Good thing is that much of what i may have lost can be replanted as seeds in the garden, that is the normal procedure for them anyway.  I was hoping to get a head start if possible, but that's not gonna happen.
So....  its back to the drawing board for most of what was growing so well.
I'm going to let it go a couple days to see if anything perks back up, if not i will restart some of those tomatoes- at least the ones that i still have seeds for.  They will need to be started indoors in the normal way because the outside will be too cool for the soil to allow quick germination.  There should be enough time for them since they always get leggy on me when i plant them the usual 4-6 weeks before planting. Even when i have them under adequate light.

But i'm going to try and make the seed 'tape' for the carrots today.  I might try and take pictures of how to do it.
Carrots are one of those things that really need to be planted like this, otherwise i would have to lean over my rows planting individual seeds forever.  I don't sow carrot seeds very neatly and i hate thinning. 
So, let me gather my materials and find my camera....


Faith said...

Oh, I so sorry! Looks like a near total loss, and know what that's like. :o(

However, plenty of time to plant again, and you've really learned a lot from all your work! I've been impressed by it all.

I'm a little tired of direct seeding my carrots as well, so I'm looking forward to seeing your home made seed tape. :o)


Kelle said...

Oh! No! but Faith is right you have time to replant. This is the very reason we've been carrying the flats of seedling to and from the hoop house and our house. I'm a worry wart but here we simply don't have a lng enough season to restart, so can't risk it. Sorry for your loss. :o(


icebear said...

Awww... thanks for the empathy... i am lucky to have a great local nursery for a backup plan, but i really wanted to be self-sufficient this year... but as with gardening and baseball- "there's always next year" lol

I really hope my replanted seeds sprout fast and take off.
the row covers i am putting up should add a few degrees of warmth and i hope that translates to faster growth once they are in the ground.