Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weather.

The forecast for this week is just amazing.
 High 80's Tuesday and Wednesday, low chance of rain, overnight lows as high as 62 (Tuesday night).
I hope we do get a few thunder storms Tuesday night, we will need the rain. Only 30% chance of showers on Friday.
I don't plan to plant anything today. House stuff to do and gardening chores will likely be held to watering only.
Only thing left to plant is corn and some slow Brussels sprout seedlings anyway.
The Zsa Zsa pepper seedlings appear to be cooperating. They remind me of a teenager rolling out of bed in the morning.  Of 6 peat pellets, 5 have come up. Still, there were 2 seeds in each and most of them only have one seedling.

I have to run a couple more strands on the electric fence, just to make sure i discourage any over-and-under visitors, completely.

8:30 am and its 67 degrees already.

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