Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yep, another post today..

...Because i got some more seeds planted out.

Rutabaga, Laurentan
Beets, Egyptian
Green Bush Beans, Provider

I also got the 7 (of the10 that sprouted) Salsify (Sandwich Island mammoth ) seedlings planted out.  There is a long gap between the green beans and the salsify and i was tempted to fill it with something else, but i have to wait until the Brussels sprouts seedlings either come up or not, if they don't then i will put in the Jacob's Cattle beans. They are a good green bean and a good dried bean so i could get a crop of either one or the other if i plant them in the next 2-3 weeks.

I lifted the cover on the melon row, and it was amazingly warm under there!  I'd almost say it was hot... i hope not too hot. I didn't have much time to inspect the row cause i had to go in, my "babysitter" was about to go on strike.

The weather is so nice out today. A little 3mph breeze now and then, its about 75F...

Overnight lows forecast:
Tonight  52
Tomorrow 54
Tuesday 57
Wednesday 42

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