Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blueberries are planted.

Since i dragged out that big container and got all the decomposed peat out of it and into the wheelbarrow... i figured i'd might as well plant the blueberries  'cause i had to dig the peat moss into the soil anyway.

The weather decided to be a pest, there'd be sudden downpours and then it would stop and the sun would go blazing hot then pour again, so it wasn't a simply walk out and plant kind of thing.
But it made me mad so i didn't just go in and plan for tomorrow.

Of course as soon as the plants were in the ground and the name  tags were shoved in place, i slogged back into the house and stood in front of the air conditioner with my arms over my head for about 10 minutes.

I finally cooled off and dried out enough to take pictures for the record a couple hours after.
I planted them just about 6' apart at either end of the grape row. I also planted them more in the center of the weedblock than the grapes since they will become more bushy than the grapes will be.

Blueray on the left and Patriot on the right

The other end of the grape row,  this time i have the Patriot blueberry on the left and the Blueray on the right.

We will use landscape timbers to edge the bed and mulch the landscape fabric, its on the list of upcoming projects. Now that i have all the plants installed that can happen sooner than later.

I saw this ladybug while i was walking back to the garden:

And when i checked my garden i noticed that  the cabbages actually are resprouting from the ground. These sprouts may try to form medium sized heads if they are aren't eaten before they can.

.That one was blurry, here's a better  shot:

Cool!  Grapes  coming back from the roots and cabbage coming back too....

I'm now in a much happier mood about this enterprise!


Faith said...

Happy dance! :o)

I'm rooting for (get it?) your blueberries to take hold and produce massively for you. We were all talking about how much we are looking forward to going picking again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, for our first trip. Your plants look good and healthy!

Looks like you have not only picked the towel back up, but you are ready to use it to snap that critter, too. :o)


icebear said...

The blueberries should do well, i did a lot of research to find the best varieties for my area. Patriot was actually developed right here at the University of Maine.

Yeah, i was definitely down for a few days when it looked like my efforts were totally in vain, but i'll keep trying to grow what i want and hope to succeed eventually!