Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seeds, again!

Yes, i bought more seeds.
But i had to!
Because they were there and my plants are not.

I bought some Calabrese green sprouting broccoli.  I got some Broccoli Raab, some Arugula and i got a bush bean with purple pods.
I have grown purple-podded bush beans before and i liked how much easier it was to find and harvest the beans.   Depending on the variety, if the bean pods are missed and mature too far the plant will stop producing, so purple pods that make more thorough harvesting easier help to prevent that from happening.  That, and i like the change of color. As much as i like green foods, sometimes one gets tired of eating that color.
I got the broccoli raab because it is more bitter than classic calabrese. I noticed the kale was not being raided, maybe the flavor wasn't as mild as the cabbage and gypsy broccoli.  I don't generally mind bitterness within reason so i figure its worth a shot. If its less appealing to the evil, oversized squirrels  i may have a shot at harvesting some for myself.
I grabbed the arugula just for the heck of it.  I might just scatter the seed in the lackluster carrot beds. 

I have a very large, plastic, terracotta colored window box style pot that i was considering growing some broccoli in, i remembered that the soil in it right now is mostly old peat moss.  I had put it in there, having no other place to put it, the bag was shredded, it was about 1/4  of one of those huge bales i got at Home Depot...  i think that will be perfect to add to the soil where the blueberries are going to go. Its been in there for about as long as we have had the house....  7 years or so...?   I can trade the peat moss for potting soil, compost and yard dirt.  Hopefully the plastic is sturdy enough to not break.

My other alternative is to use my 30 gallon rubber tub. It was once 30 gallon patio pond that was made to look somewhat like an oval cedar trough.  The liner is a thick, slightly flexible rubber. I think its the same material horse watering buckets are made out of.  If i get the guts to cut a drain hole in it, i could use that as a planter too.

I went out and retrieved the big plastic pot. It looks like its still strong enough to plant in. It barely looks its age actually. 

Just a little weedy and dirty

My little blueberry plants need to be planted soon, the Patriot type are flowering. I need to remove them too.

Also, this might be good news!  While i was out (in the oppressive humidity) i checked on the grapes, the Edelweiss grapes don't look like much still, but i did notice the weedblock was lifting a bit next to the really dead looking Edelweiss twig. I pulled the fabric back a bit and out sprang a green vine tip with a couple crumpled leaves.  I do believe that the Edelweiss may be regrowing from its roots!  I'm pretty sure its a grape shoot, the leaves are more rounded than the others, but i looked for some leaf pictures and that type of grape has rounder leaves.  I won't know for sure until the leaves unfurl completely, but it should happen in a day or so.  As far as i know, Burpee does not graft these grapes, if it is on its own rootstock, i will at least have a chance at ending up with one Edelweiss after all!

This is a big relief, because this year it seems that the things i was most excited about are the ones that weren't panning out too well  so far.

 Oh... one bad thing... the Japanese Beetles are out.  It seems early this year and that is not a good thing!

Havahart trap is still empty. Nothing more eaten in the garden, but the horseradish leaves have been munched on again.

Oh, my beach plum saplings are looking good. They had leafed out nicely late this Spring and have grown quite a bit.  They need planting out too, but with the fencing and the yard not quite done i don't know where.

Topsy Turvey looking pretty good, has a lot of catching up to do.

I applied roundup to the far edge of the garden where the Jerusalem Artichokes, Asparagus and Horseradish plants are. I think i'm going to restring the electric fence and enclose those parts too. The ground is more level there and i think i will have fewer gaps to deal with.

I applied the roundup maybe 20 minutes ago, when the weather radar map showed no storms in sight, and all of a sudden we are now under a severe thunderstorm watch. 
If i want rain all i have to do is apply Roundup to the weeds.  But it did this to me last time and though i had my doubts it did end up working, it just took longer to see the results.

Well i think that is it for now.
It's almost 1pm.


Leigh said...

Who can blame a gardener for buying more seeds! :) Everything looks good and I know you're pleased about that grape. I've never done well with container gardening, so I'd love to see your success.

icebear said...

True! I buy seeds like some women buy shoes! Hopefully the containers will work so i can eat fresh broccoli someday! lol

Faith said...

I can't believe you are still able to find such a variety of seeds still locally for sale. Around here, only a few seeds are still on the racks.

My grapes are still sending up massive amounts of shoots from the bases every year. I wish they'd quit it. But your grape is being a good little grape. YAY!


icebear said...

i was a bit surprised myself, i think what helped is that not many people over here grow arugula, know what broccoli raab is, or would grow purple beans for more than an oddity. I think the store overstocked their calabrese seeds.

Its weird, but this town i'm in is the most un-agrarian place i could imagine.

There are a few flower gardens (a couple are quite magnificent)others are neglected like mine have become, but few veggie gardens to be seen. A Topsy Turvey here and there or tomatoes in buckets is all.

Where and when i grew up, everyone had a garden. It was just a given.

I don't know what people around here do with their time. Not sure i want to know actually.
Even when i worked 45 hour weeks, i still tried to grow something.

Maybe its the social circle i grew up in, maybe its not as normal to garden as it always seemed to be to me.?

icebear said...

...oh, and about the grape. I'm awfully proud of the little bugger.

I really hope it makes it through winter up here.
Its using its roots' energy right now just to grow green, so it might be risky.

I still expect a refund on the other one , but i decided to wait till next spring to collect it.
It looks like the Frontenac from Starks is also going to need replacement.