Saturday, June 12, 2010

The tree is gone.

I was going o wait for hubby to do it for me, but i think it would have been weeks to wait.  So i decided that since our chain saw is a small sized version, i could handle cutting down a  tree that size.

It really was starting to look bad. No fruit and the leaves looked small and water-starved.
I took off one of the larger limbs first, then removed the white post and cut it from the upper part where it bent.

Hubby came home shortly after i used the lopper to trim the branches off the felled part and helped me move the stuff out of the way. Then we took the other post made from another tree out.  While we were getting that out of the ground we noticed that the  stump of the apple tree was very loose in the ground. I was actually able to push it down with very little effort. The roots were not even holding it up. It did have a tap root that was still hanging on a bit, but i used the loppers on that.  If it was that weak this spring, i think a hot summer then a hard winter would kill it.

So there is the little tree, in full sun now.  I pruned off some watersprouts and hubby propped it with the post to wait until we put the post in the ground.

It needs more thinning where i can't reach without a ladder, but i'll get out there in the next few days and clean things up more.  Maybe even set that post and tie up the tree.

Then i did use the Bonide on it.  I had actually started out to do just that earlier.  But when i got out there and took a close look at the big tree, it was obviously struggling too much. And why spray a tree that was coming down?
The rain went by  without touching us and the sky is cloudy and windless so it was a good day to spray.

Another task that i am glad is finished.

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