Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing much

Not a whole lot going on.
I am still getting green beans. More than we can eat in a day. If we ate them every night we could probably keep up, but i have a backlog beginning. If i had room in my freezer, i'd be blanching, vac-packing and freezing them now.... but i need to rummage through the freezer and shift things first.
I was picking them when they were about pencil size, now they are getting much fatter before i can collect them off the plant. More like the size they are when you buy them in cans at the grocery store.  Fewer beans equal more poundage, so even though actual beans picked is going down, weight is staying about the same.

I did find out that i cannot can my beans yet because i need a pressure canner for them.... unless i want to brine or pickle them and i don't.  I planned to get a pressure canner anyway so i had been researching them and decided on the All-American 21.5 quart, model number should be 921.

It will be a while before i can order it though- even if i did have enough money  saved.  Somebody tried to steal my card number and rent a room at some hotel in another country. My bank called this morning to check on the legitimacy of the attempted transaction.  It had declined anyway because the attempted charge was well over the available funds in the account.  Joke's on them.  Next time try  and steal from someone who actually has money, you horse's backside.

I have been meaning to get the fall crop seeded in, but things always conspire against me.  Indecision is my enemy. While i have been trying to decide if i should start them in flats or direct sow them and watch them get eaten or mistakenly pluck them as weeds, the days are going by.  *sigh*

Finally got my hair sent off to Locks of Love. I sent two bunches, one from a number of years ago that was 10 inches long and the most recent bundle which was 16 inches long.  Ten inches is the minimum they can use, so i hope they are able to get all they can from it. My procrastinating about mailing them off is my example of how not unusual this indecision is for me. My indecision about cutting off all my hair as short as i could stand added about 4 inches to the 16  inch hank. But enough of that, its just that i have had the hair bundled up and in a bag for ever and only just got to mailing it to the charity.

Yanno what. I think i'll just go now and start some flats.

Later update-

I planted 6 more seed types.

Salt Wort
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Starbor Kale
Calabrese Broccoli
Broccoli Raab which i guess is a form of early sprouting broccoli, but i don't quite understand the distinction-other than flavor.
Some of them should do well in at this time of planting, the others are experimental. I have never eaten salt wort before but the description sounds intriguing.
I am regretting not having planted parsley this year.  I did chit some seeds in a baggie with paper towel but i forgot about the seeds until it was too late and they got to be a mess. I had hoped to make tabouleh with fresh herbs, so i have plenty of mint but no parsley.  I think lovage can be used as parsley so i might go see if the plants i set at my parents' house many years ago have come up this year...  i should probably bring them home with me since nobody has ever actually used them.

I don't think i have ever seen a ladybug this small:


Faith said...

Lovage is like a super strong celery.

Boy, I wish I could just loan you my pressure canner.

Phooey on your theft! What a pain. Someone did that with mine a few years ago, tested it with a .99 cent iTunes purchase, and when we didn't notice, charged 1500 dolalrs worth of USPS postage to it a few weeks later.

Did you just cut your hair again?


icebear said...

That would be neat, i'd like to borrow one for a short time just to be sure i can figure out how to operate it :o)

What brand/type is yours and it is something you'd buy again? I figure the All-American is an investment quality piece of equipment. Especially where i collect kitchen appliances, so i am excited about getting one.
I'm one of those wives who are happy to receive a vacuum cleaner for my birthday, as long as its a Dyson or top of the line Electrolux ..... lol I have my standards!

Credit card theft is rampant. Hubby thinks its likely that someone simply scrambled the last few digits of a random card number and it happened to become mine. I do most everything online with Paypal, Amazon or legitimate businesses that have been around for years- and haven't sent out any recent infiltration notices. So i don't know where the issue appeared, i'm just happy my bank is on their toes. They are on it so fast that they have actually stopped me from buying things before. I did some off-pattern shopping one day and my card got declined at Mc Donalds. Lucky i had cash, i had to call the bank to let them know it was me on a shopping spree. lol

I cut my hair about 4 or 5 months ago, but never mailed the lock out to *LOL*, i also cut my hair 6 years ago and never mailed that out either, but i finally got them both out to *LOL* on Monday.
I need another hair cut cause its getting in my face, but its not long enough to donate and i'm debating letting it grow out to donate again, but i don't think i can do it again right now. Super long hair like that is hard to care for.

Faith said...

I bought the WalMart offering - 16 quart Presto.

It's my first one, so I've nothing really to compare it to. I wish it were deeper. I can't do a boiling water bath with quart jars, without clamping the lid down on it. When I do clamp the lid on, without pressure, the water comes out the top and runs constantly. I either sop up water continually or have a lake on the stove.

Other than that, I'm very happy with it.

I think once you've got a lot of years between a married couple, quality tools are a really great gift. But you've got to have a few years or a whole lot of trust going on first.

Listening to some great teachings on the rapture right now while I'm working. Cool stuff!