Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tomato press....

I was actually on Amazon looking for a food mill when i remembered that i picked up this contraption about 8 years ago at Good Will.

 It cost me all of $2


Apparently, this was a pretty good deal.

I had gotten it home, the box had unravelled itself and i was afraid that it might be missing parts, so i tucked it away since i had no garden at the time and no actual use for it. I knew it resembled a Vegetable Strainer that i had seen in catalogs with price tags of over $30, so i hoped that it would be usable some day.

I have been reading up on canning the last few days and the Ball's "Complete Book of Home Preserving"  mentions food mills a lot. So i had gone to Amazon to do some pricing.  That is where i saw the pictures of food strainers and thought to myself

"I have one of those, don't i?"

Its been a long time and all i have done is move the box from spot to spot to get at something behind it.

I think it does have all its parts.

The clamp, a hand crank and the sprocket-looking thingie.


There is the strainer mesh....  Unlike some of the Amazon ones, this is a one-size, permanent screen.
This may be a good thing, or it may be a not so good thing.
One less part for me to lose.... that is a good thing. Chalk up another for the good side.

The sprocket thing looks like it has all its proper bits. The crank handle threads are pristine.

I don't think this item has ever been used..

It came with on-box instructions. Thank goodness i kept the box. Simple enough, but since i wasn't exactly certain what this was at the time i bought it, i am glad i have it!  lol

.I put it together and the crank turns smoothly, the sprockety thing makes a reasonable clicking sound, not a grinding or squeaking noise,  the clamp disagrees with my countertop thickness and overhang distance, but i can modify something for that- or just hold the bottom.

Judging by the pictures on the box, i can use this for things besides tomatoes... though tomatoes are likely the main thing i'll be using this for....

I wonder if it is dishwasher safe....

Anyone else out there in the Blogosphere have one of these and could give me some tips, pointers or advice?
Such as....  do the tomatoes have to be cooked before this is used on them?  Do i have to blanch-skin them?
I see some that are juicers, will this help me make tomato sauce or will i get juice instead?

I'm guessing if i use raw, diced tomatoes i will get juice. If i dice and cook the tomatoes and run them through this i might get sauce with the seeds and skin removed?

  Searching "tomato press" finds me the food mills and strainers that reminded me that i have this contraption in the first place. :o)  But i'll keep looking anyway.

Maybe, just maybe, i saved myself $20 or so 8 years ago......or i got a $2 deal on a fresh headache.  LOL


Faith said...

What a great find! Looks like a good deal, to me. My mom used to use one. Sadly, whenever I ask about things like that, she cannot remember. So the knowledge she had about home preservation has been lost. :o(

I'll keep my eye out and see if anyone has and uses one. I bet our local Mennonite stores carry them. When I go there next I'll check it out.

Thanks for the vanilla beans! They arrived today! YAY!


icebear said...

i looked up some more and found one for sale for almost $60
Its Mike Chiarello's site

It is identical, i can't believe they want that much for it, lol Even if it does work perfectly... its not that sturdy. Its stainless steel not cast iron.

Anyway... its sad with your mother... so hard to watch the decline of loved ones((hug))

Glad the beans made it, i declined delivery confirmation, normally i buy it simply because i'm such a spaz about mail getting lost... lol But i survived!