Monday, March 7, 2011

All done...!

With the list.  I realized that i don't have any summer squash seeds. Oh the horror.  I'll have to watch for them at the seed racks.

Before and after shots of the snow:

Before the rain, Friday i think.

Today, a few minutes ago, after about 2.5 inches of rain

Soon i'll be able to drag the mini greenhouses out and begin seed flats for the cool weather crops.


Lexa said...

Wow! That's alot of snow! I am sure that you are so sick of it by now..but to this Oregonian who hardly ever receives any snow - that looks so cool!

I am just about done ordering seeds too. My next post will be my review of what I have gotten this year..too much as normal! But isn't that part of the fun :)

icebear said...

I really like the snow too. About half the people up here love it, the rest hate it and complain all winter- but then they complain in the summer too, i think they just like to complain lol.
The deep snow can get a bit tedious when it lingers too far into spring and around this time of year another heavy snowfall isn't as magical as one in January. But it always seems to melt away in time for planting season!

As far as seeds go, i'm sort of thrilled that i am out of a few things and i have an excuse to stalk the seed racks in order to fill in the gaps in my list!