Monday, March 7, 2011

Maybe, just maybe....

During today's toddler nap i will get to the rest of The List then get a bit more done on the garden planner. I decided also that another priority besides seed saving will be to redo those neglected flower beds. The ones i was determined to do last summer and fall.  With the cost of groceries expected to raise drastically over here, it may save us some funds in the long run to not waste prime growing space on just ornamental plants. There are plenty of veggies and berry plants that can be ornamental. Some with bright and unusually shaped foliage.  I think Seakale is a unique plant. Burgundy okra is a striking red and has some lovely flowers. There are types of leaf amaranth that are showy and of course Bright Lights chard is pretty enough to look at though i have decided that the muddy scent of it is too much for me in large amounts.

Maybe things in the world will calm down, maybe it won't. Hopefully my attempt to think of these things early to avoid panic will make me look silly. I'd rather look silly than be caught unawares.  The idea that food and gas prices will rise dramatically has been bandied about many times before- we have seen a rise though not too drastic in some ways. I think that these warnings that don't come to pass as much as feared are only lulling us into a false sense of security.  At the bottom of it, i don't see any reason why becoming more self-sufficient isn't a good thing on its face.  It is practical and not a sign of abject fear or an excess of caution.

The book i am reading, The Joy of Gardening, was written during the energy crisis of the 1970's and leans heavily on the concept of self-sufficiency and responsible use of resources. I'm kind of thinking that mindset should return to us in this country. Of course i can only speak for myself.

I have more than enough seeds of fruit and berry plants to fill those side gardens if i get a good germination.  I'm hoping to have an abundance of  "leftover" plants that i can share out to interested friends and family.
The fun part is that i get to spend more time playing with my garden planner program.

I was reading something, maybe an article or a blog i follow about how people go about planning their gardens. It bemoaned the notion that people over think their plans, use complicated programs and spend hours tweaking their lists and figures.  I sort of laughed at this because it is one of my favorite things to do.  I love to pour over seed catalogs, read gardening books over and over, try to implement new techniques, plot and plan spacing, configuring location, rotating, doublecropping.  Oh and don't forget- i love to ramble about my plans, thoughts, ideas and experiences as i go.
Right now, since i made so many entries last summer, i have plenty of reading materials to remind me of what went on last year so mistakes can be avoided (planting birdhouse gourds in a tiny garden, is one- lol).  I also get to look at the pictures of things growing and greening up.  Its nice to look at them and daydream of warmer temperatures, the flavor of sweet tomatoes and fresh kale and the texture & snap of fresh green beans. Its just plain nice. I get to learn something new every year.

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