Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Amole- Soap Lily

Another interesting plant i got from Bountiful Gardens- (and they are the only seed source i have yet to find) is the Soap Lily.  At their site they list it as simply "Chorogalum spp".  But a bit of searching based on their somewhat basic description leads me to think that the seeds they sent me are for  C. pomeridianum since that is the type with the hairy bulb.

Ok,  its called a soap lily because the bulbs make a great soap substitute. Its different than the Saponaria flowers- aka Soapwort (though looking those up for comparison, i learned that soapwort s used in making Halva!)
The bulbs are also edible when cooked, raw they can be a soap. Apparently Native Americans used the leaves as fishing aids since they release a substance that stuns fish in the water .

I'm hoping to get some planted for summer 2011, but i'm not sure where they should go, maybe in the flower garden? Maybe they'd make a good container plant?

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