Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cleaning up drafts list

Today i went through my blog entries and found a few entries i thought i submitted but had remained as drafts.  I decided to post them because they had some info i wanted to remember- like my description about the results of the summer on my gardening.  I had done a roundup of tomatoes and root veggies and wrote up some research i did on the amole soap lily seeds i bought from Bountiful Gardens.  I don't know if some of them might have been rough drafts of other posts, but it doesn't look like it . I don't have much to write about today except that i got the sent confirmation on my order from Johnny's Selected Seeds yesterday.  My Oaxacan Green corn is in it as well as a type of white cucumber.  I intend to plant two types of non-sweet corn this year and i have 4 types of cukes this year.  I have three broccoli types and lots of assorted greens seeds.  In the Johnny's order i found some $1.00 a packet varieties on sale,  you can hardly beat a buck a pack for good Johnny's seed.

  I don't think i went too nuts on the tomatoes, four or 5 types should be plenty for fresh use and canning.

I'm going to try celeriac this year, its a good low carb root veggie that sounds tasty.

I have been messing with the planner for a few minutes at a time and i'm enjoying it.  But now i have things to clean and put away.


Mal's Allotment said...

So much info PB -

But guess what? I'm trying celeriac this year - (and any purple carrots I could find)

It's an exciting time of year!

icebear said...

Oooh, cool i'll be able to compare mine with yours over there.

I'm getting all antsy, i held off thinking about spring as long as i could but i really want to stick my toes in the soil. :o)

man with van London said...

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