Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden mostly planted.

It is supposed to rain the next few days, so unless i wanted to put off planting for another week, today had to be the day.

The only things i did not plant were beans, rutabaga, corn, eggplants and peppers, and the herbs.

I decided to plant more potatoes than planned. I did 20'.  I have no idea how much that will get me, but its a tryout.  The varieties were Gold Rush and Norland Reds.

The rest of what i planted were:

Kossack kholrabi
Gypsy broccoli
Broccoli raab
Nutri-bud broccoli
Purple sprouting broccoli

Mammoth red rock cabbage
Krautman cabbage

Kai lan queen kale

Sweet Chelsea tomato
San Marzano tomato
Pruden's purple tomato
German orange strawberry tomato
Banana legs tomato

Special white cucumber
Boston pickling cucumber
Beit alpha cucumber
Spacemaster cucumber

49er summer squash

Crosby Egyptian beet (just a few seeds were left)


Early butternut winter squash

I had planted onions and radishes earlier this week,  so they are in also.

The soil has to warm up more before the eggplant, beans, corn and peppers can go in, the soil seemed warm enough for the rest.

I also spread some blood meal on the tomatoes and put the hoops and Reemay over the tomato row (it has the cukes and summer squash in that row as well.

Hubby is going to get some lime and 10-10-10 fert for me and i'll broadcast that later.

I put Hollytone over the blueberries.

I'm assuming that since it is going to rain the next few nights, frost is not going to be a concern at all.

I'm exhausted and i'll hurt for a few days.

But the major chunk of the work is done...except upkeep and harvest.

And catching woodchucks.

(oh a sideline note, my last entry happened to be shortly before a Blogger maintenance fiasco. I lost all comments before i could reply o them. I got emails that they were there, but hey got lost along the way :o(  )


Lexa said...

What a planting list! You deserve resting those tired muscles tomorrow. Job well done! And once again I am so thankful that we do not have Woodchucks in Oregon :)

icebear said...

The words that go through my mind when i think of woodchucks are not fit to print. Normally i adore animals of all kinds but i have no patience for those horrible things. lol

I can't wait until things start sprouting. Then i will know whether or not direct sowing will work for me. Last year i started everything in flats, this year i'm trying direct from seed. Fingers crossed!