Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I see other bloggers doing "Wordless Wednesday" entries and i always thought it was a cute idea.  But i'm too much of a babbler for that.  When i was little, my Nonnie gave me a CB handle of "Ratchet Jaw", so you see, it has been a lifelong habit.  Add to that the fact that few of my friends and family are interested in gardening, so blogging/journaling about it is a necessary outlet.

I have been taking pictures,  things are really starting to perk up.  The Consort currants are already getting ready to bloom.  The blueberries are as well.  I have gotten all the edging installed, only have 2 bags of mulch left to use- and i think that will be all i need.  The garden has been plowed,  two rows have been raised most of my berry plants have been planted,  just waiting for the last of them to arrive...

It had rained the last two days, so things came to a halt for a bit.  The little one hasn't been taking her naps on schedule either...

Anyway, today i got the rest of the walkways carved out

Look who's getting ready to bloom

Consort, blackcurrant

Look who's coming up
Jerusalem Artichokes

look who's not awake yet

Beach Plum

Look who came back

Look who's waiting to fill the space

Red Pearl lingonberries

Look who is getting bigger

Autumn Olive i started from seed last year
Look who's in full bloom

Old fashioned bleeding heart

I got  the red and white onions planted this evening and i also planted part of a packet of Pinetree's Radish Mix... i added last year's remaining hailstone and French breakfast seeds in there as well.   The 15th should be the 'safe' date to get planting warmer weather stuff.  I need to get the kale, broccoli, cabbage seeded in, but i can only do so much in a day.  But i should be able to do most of it when hubby comes home from work,  i have a couple evenings to get things in before it rains this weekend.  I like when it rains after i plant, this means i don't have to water!

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