Sunday, June 26, 2011


I picked a small head of broccoli today. IT WAS DELICIOUS!    I also planted another round of green beans and weeded. I took pictures but i fell victim to a malicious script which caused me to have to do a full system restore on my computer so i lost the images i had saved to desktop.
Other than that today was simply a day of weeding and peering at how things were going and things are looking good!


Lexa said...

Icebear- except for the computer stuff, it sounds like you had a lovely day. I do actually enjoy weeding. There is something very satisfying for me to stand back and see a lovely weed-free area that was a mess just before. And congrats on your harvest! Just the beginning of much to come I am sure!

icebear said...

I do like weeding- well at least i like the results! It was awfully muggy today... at least from a northerner's perspective! So i didn't get as thorough as i wished i could, but i think i got enough done to feel a bit relieved. We have gotten so much rain its been hard to get out there and work and keeping up with my toddler is another time constraint, though i cherish every minute.
I'm simply amazed that i haven't been "woodchucked" yet, but i have a lot of dear friends covering my garden with prayer so i suppose i shouldn't be too surprised. :o)