Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raintree Plant Order

On Thursday of last week, i hinted to my hubby that another $100 in plants would pretty much complete my berry collection and finalize the yardscaping goal.  He said OK willingly and on payday he reminded me to go ahead.

So i submitted my order to Raintree on Friday.  They have unusual plants and a decent reputation.

SKU Product Item price Quantity Total
D743 Titan Seabuckthorn(fem)-Gal Pot) $22.50   1 $22.50
C315 Prunus maritima 'Beach Plum' sdlg $4.50   4 $18.00
H2024 Goji Berry Phoenix Tears-4 Inch Pot $9.50   2 $19.00
E031 Goldbeere Elderberry-Gal Pot $16.50   1 $16.50
E015 Caerulea Blue Elderberry $14.50   1 $14.50
D746 Sea Buckthorn(male) $19.95   1 $19.95
Subtotal: $110.45
Shipping cost: $26.95

Now i'm not sure if they are still shipping, Starks is not, but since i ordered Friday afternoon nobody will get my order until Monday and if there is a problem i will be contacted soon.
I did notice something about plant availability on their website but i didn't see a cutoff date- so i'm guessing that if i don't get some or all my plants this year i can get them next Spring. That will be fine by me as long as all of the varieties are available still.

I had planned to try growing Goji from seed,  but last year's attempt didn't pan out. The seeds sprouted readily enough, but growth was maddeningly slow.  I did find this article How to Grow Goji From Seed and i think the problem was the depth of the growing container- i guess Goji stop growing once their roots hit bottom. The bottom comes fast when the seedlings are growing in a styrofoam mushroom box that is only 3 inches deep.

I have seeds for Seabuckthorn--- but Seabuckthorns come in male and female. I'd have to grow twice as many seeds to be assured at least one male and then it would be 3 years before the plants could be sexed.  If i buy one male i could grow more seeds, knowing i have a fertilizing male already. Not wanting to wait too long, i got a female known for being particularly prolific as well.

My beach plums from Oikos died over winter. I think the buckets got too dry before freezes came. Raintree's beach plums are cheap enough to try out.  They are salt resistant and should do well next to the roadway where their salt resistance (winter road salt) will come in very handy.

I'm getting a good collection of Elderberries now that they are no longer restricted up here, Yay!  I'm hoping Currants will come off the list soon as well.  I have never eaten either...  
Anyway, two more types will give me a collection of 5,  three black, one golden and one powdery blue.

So i can't wait to learn if i can expect things this year or next.


Leigh said...

You have an absolutely fabulous landscape plan. And a fabulous husband for okaying it all. I had a Raintree catalog last year, and loved their variety. I do hope your goji does well. I've been eyeing those as well, so your success will be an encouragement.

Mal's Allotment said...

Elderberries "no longer restricted" - What's that about.

(And I have to admit I haven't heard of any but the wild sort - How do the flowers and berries rate)

icebear said...

Thanks Leigh! I'm trying to get as much production out of what we have for land while allowing hubby to still have his lawn, lol.

Mal- Elderberries were mistakenly associated with a tree disease called White Pine Blister Rust- which effects 5 needle pines. Currants still are restricted because they are an intermediate carrier of the WPBR organism. Only recently (after almost 40 years) it has been proved that Elderberries cannot possibly be carriers intermediate or direct. Thanks to the lumber industry the threat of the disease was blown way out of proportion. Currants and gooseberries are still restricted in my state, but surrounding states are loosening their regulations a bit and allowing people to grow them again. Hopefully soon i can legally grow currants and gooseberries on my property.

I think its a sore shame that government can restrict what i grow in my own yard to feed my family.

Mal's Allotment said...

Preciated - Certain varieties o f potato are banned here in Scotland (e.g. Long Blue - to restrict blight) but I am not aware of any such swingeing prohibitions here.

Now, how do the different varieties compare? - or will I have to wait until they fruit?

icebear said...

To decide for myself, i'll have to wait for fruit. Going by their plant descriptions some have larger berries, some smaller but larger in number. Some have more antioxidants...supposedly &some are richer or sweeter. Goldbeere is a golden colored berry and the Caerulea is a black berry with a powdery coating that makes them appear blue. I'm just going for variety, instead of 5 of one type. i want to try 5 different.