Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garden remix

I planted peppers and eggplant today.  I also reseeded the cukes that didn't come up.  Only thing is i goofed on them.  I was supposed to leave room for the eggplants and peppers,  but i wasn't thinking and i had to put the eggplants elsewhere.
About 6 of the beets sprouted so i just raked them over and put the peppers and eggplants there (next to the butternut squash. My parents' garden is still wringing wet, so they planted their tomatoes alongside the house and didn't expect to plant more than that-- this means i still have quite a few plants, so they took up almost half a row.  This means my bean row is not going to be as big as i planned.

So what i did was narrowed the rows of corn and added a strip of beans.  I'm still not convinced that any type of corn is going to provide much in this small garden.  If all hades breaks loose we won't be sustained by corn. It may be the Jerusalem artichokes and all the greens i can put by.  Not that i'm expecting a sudden specific calamity, but gardens are supposed to be for an independent way to save some money and be a backup plan in case of job loss etc.  Its not like the economy is going to get any better very soon.

Anyhow,  today i planted the beans and corn as well and re-did the garden map.  Watering for about 45 minutes seemed to get things moist enough.
I also put the usual cream and red petunias in the big pot next to the front steps. The one stocks seedling wen right in the center.
We saw bees all through the blueberry blossoms.  Gorgeous day to be outside.

I also spent the better part of the day with my mom.  Its been one year since my grandfather died, so we bought some flowers and plants for his grave site and paid our respects.  I'm glad i was able to spend the time with her. Its still very hard on my mom.  Both of her parents are now gone. We still have our memere who is my mother's step-mother,  though i never thought of her as 'step' anything!  She is sprightly and full of goodness. One of my grandfather's best friends stepped right in and has been a great comfort to her.  His wife was one of my memere's close friends and died recently also.  Now the two of them travel together everywhere. Is a beautiful thing!


Lexa said...

Wow- you put in once busy day. It doesn't seem like so much work though, does it, when the sun is finally out!

icebear said...

It is nice to be in the sun! This spring was so gloomy for so long. Glad its turning out bright now.