Thursday, July 14, 2011


We got pouting rain yesterday evening.  Probably about an inch. We didn't get more tthan one rumble of thunder but the rain was coming down like buckets.  I think we also got some sprinkles overnight,  bu the rain did the garden good.
I'm looking to the weeds as some sort of living mulch at this point!

I may take some small bowl and a paint brush with roundup and see if i can paint away the weeds.  I also need to dust the grapes for Japanese beetles.  They are eating my leaves like mad.  Even the prune plum is getting defoliated.  I had planned to spray the apple tree last night but i took the kids on a visit to my parents and we used the pool and stayed until dark, so no spraying got done.  Hopefully tonight...

I'm going to start Kefiring again. I just put in an order of kefir grains to Marilyn Kefirlady. I killed mine last fall through neglect.  They were making more kefir than i could keep up with, i had a backlog and i was reluctant to store more and more only to dump it out.  Also my mom has been buying kefir from the store, so i'm going to get her started on the real stuff.   The store bought kefir only has about half the strains of beneficial bacteria as homemade. Plus you can chose what milk you want to use- whole or skim and there's no sugar or unnecessary flavorings added.
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UPDATE:  Grapes dusted, apple tree sprayed.

I picked a load of broccoli today and two 49r summer squash.  Broccoli for dinner it is!

Squashes are about 8 inches, not sure why they look so different, they are from the same plant.

Green beans,  second sowing. The first sowing is about to flower

Sweet Chelsea tomatoes

Cucumbers and weedy grass *sigh*

Squashes before picking

Broccoli and cabbages

Japanese beetles are doing in my grape leaves, this is Marechal Foch

Elderberry flower buds.

 This is what the Japanese beetles are doing to my Stanley prune plum.  I have dusted both this tree and all the grapes.

Autumn Olive is doing well.

Petunias doing well- and a small bee in flight.

Purple smoke bush starting to fuzz.

Mostly full garden shot.

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