Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some more rearranging

I decided that the Rose of Sharon (double, pink) that is by the elderberries, will go.  I'm giving it to  my mom. It gets too big and bushy, i don't like the shredded looking flowers and it does not produce fruit.  It just sits there, annoying me.  So it will be moved to a new home.   I also decided the same for the small hydrangea (not the big old PeeGee) and the purple smoke bush.  Both need more room than i have in their spots.  I tried keeping them dwarfed by pruning,  but they just look stunted, not dwarfed  There is a difference in my eyes.  My mom is very willing to take them.

So, to fill the gaps,  i decided i want fruit.  Small fruit.  Not apples or pears.   Cherries sounded nice.  Also considering my oldest daughter's recent fascination with the Washington D.C. and Japan Cherry Blossom Festivals,  it seemed like a good idea.  So i did some researching for very small, treelike cherry types.  Carmine Jewel seems to fit the bill.  Not cheap and based on reviews,  not very big for almost $30 each,  but excellent in all other respects (i got to use the $25 off coupon). But,  i have gotten used to mail-order companies and have had no trouble with DOAs and replacements,  so i'm taking the chance.  I also have made no  major purchases since last summer (My Raintree order, due to be shipped the end of this month),  no more than $5 in seeds.  All i need is seed starting mix and time.  After these cherry trees come,  i will be officially out of room.

Carmine Jewel is expected to be very hardy,  compact- almost bushlike tree form,  high yeilding, 6.5 foot plant.  The fruit are sweet and a bit tart,  but get sweeter the longer they are left to ripen.  The flowers are supposed to be pretty and fragrant which is nice because other than the apple,  i no longer have flowering plants that smell pretty.

So,  maybe this weekend,  i'll be digging up the old plants and the cherries should be arriving shortly after.

I need to  find my camera's cable so i can post pictures again.

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