Friday, March 1, 2013

More seeds...*sigh*

Ok.  I really wanted to get a hold of myself this year.  I wasn't really naughty though....   i only bought two more types of seed.   Green shiso and Cherokee purple tomato.  I already have red shiso,  but i wanted to try the green.  I also had a disappointment with Cherokee purple last year...  i think it was last year.  I had one seed left and it sprouted,  but i killed it before it got its first set of true leaves.  That seed was from years ago,  when we were living in an apartment and i unsuccessfully tried patio gardening.  Something like 10 years ago.

That is all i bought,  honest!

I got them from a seller on eBay,  cheap shipping, etc.  The two seed packs were less than $5 with shipping.  Hopefully i will get to taste the elusive (to me) Cherokee purple tomato...


Lexa said...

See, you are being so good! Only two little packets, and one of them you needed! You have much better self control than I Do!

icebear said...

hubby and i even went to a few local hardware stores, i didn't touch any seed packets. i looked, but i did not touch. even hubby noticed how good i was being! lol