Friday, May 3, 2013

First picking of asparagus and rhubarb.

This year is the fourth year for my asparagus from seed.  The shoots are large and strong enough for me to pick a few.  While not much for a meal,  they are nice for snacking on while wandering in the yard.

Since i learned if from Mal's Allotment,  i have been blanching my rhubarb.  It was definitely a very nice thing to have discovered. The stalks are more  tender and not so acidic and the colors are lovely.

 photo IMG_20130503_105530_628_zps0659e290.jpg

My Aunt Molly's ground cherries are a big disappointment this year.  Out of 6 pots, 5 sprouted. One never developed leaves, another died of damping off. The surviving plants are tiny and stunted.  I was hoping to share them with my mother and father,  but it looks like i'll only have enough for my own garden.  I really wanted to try canning and dehydrating them,  but it looks like it won't happen.

I actually had a very disappointing spring with seeds so far.  Many things refused to sprout or have grown so slowly.  The brussels sprouts were a total disaster.  Of six pots, not a one sprouted.  Old seed...  but i didn't think they were that old.

The only thing excelling are the tomatoes, broccoli and the Ancient sweet peppers.

Maybe all new seed next  year?

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