Friday, May 3, 2013

Freshly tilled garden

Yesterday,  my dad came and rototilled the garden.  Is there anything better at this time of year than to see the fresh soil all smooth and ready for planting?

 photo IMG_20130502_134542_488_zps6807c036.jpg

He suggested one more load of manure and another tilling which he said he's do for me this Sunday.


Dewberry said...

Wow! I wish I had such great beds! I'd say that they look perfect.

My soil is very wet, after the rain it gets a bit swampy so lately I couldn't even dig up and prepare my beds for planting. Well it's just the allure of spring :)

icebear said...

thank you. i'm fortunate that i have my father and his tractor to do my tilling. when i had smaller beds i used to hand-turn with a spade, but now that i have more space a tiller is so very helpful. indespensable actually!

Dewberry said...

Yes, I think this tractor is VERY useful, I have to hand-turn with a spade - and that's tiring!

icebear said...

It is for sure!