Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden prep

So,  we got the final tilling last weekend and through the end of last week and this weekend i started digging the rows.  Every year i dread this part.  Its almost as troublesome as weeding.  I always say i won't bother next year and instead of hilling up the planting beds i'll just let my feet trample down the walking rows.  Unfortunately its so much better for the plants,  but its so hard on my back.  This year seemed even harder.

 photo IMG_20130517_130833_118_zpsaa4fd97d.jpg

I ended up making more rows than usual...  9 this year.  I didn't feel like going through the hassle of string marking everything so i tried something new.

 photo IMG_20130517_130837_931_zps5cd2b126.jpg

I have a 3-wheeled cart for my youngest daughter.  Its the type that can be hitched to a bike.   I decided to use it to mark my lines.  The wheelbase is a little narrower than i prefer,  but it sure did save time.  I just walked it across, then dug between the tracks.

Now that i have reconfigured the rows entirely,  my original garden plan is kind of moot.  I'll be winging it again. lol

 photo IMG_20130519_140715_637_zpsa01b6bf6.jpg

I'm glad i got it done though.  It rained last night and that would have made the soil extra heavy to dig,  so it had to be finished yesterday.

I laid some of the black plastic down.  I was hoping to do almost every row,  but i may have only enough plastic for 4 full rows and maybe half of another.
 photo IMG_20130520_120434_723_zps4e5e358f.jpg

Its an experiment anyway.

Those Adirondack blue potatoes are quite striking. This is their actual color:
 photo IMG_20130520_123843_318_zpse77a6ffa.jpg 

Unfortunately many of them have some rotten spots.  I'm not sure if this is annoying or really bad.  I hope the pieces grow instead of continuing to rot.

The apple tree bloomed this weekend:
 photo IMG_20130517_105958_363_zpsa671ead4.jpg

And something is digging up our grass:
 photo IMG_20130520_120530_547_zpsb366f113.jpg

Hubby thinks maybe a skunk digging for grubs....  but there are puncture marks all over too...  it makes me wonder if its a bird?
 photo IMG_20130520_120542_624_zps176b6e87.jpg

Whatever it is, i hope it stops!


Dewberry said...

It's interesting that what animal can make such things in the lawn?

We have a lot of moles, but they leave a molehill so it's easy to recognize them.

I must say that you did a really hard work, I hope it makes good and you'll bet successful crop this year!

icebear said...

I'm hoping the effort will be worth it. The last couple years have been a bit disappointing. My tomatoes all blighted last year and the weeds always seem to get the better of me!

We haven't caught the critter that is messing up the lawn. Hubby put down some grub killer, so hopefully there won't be anything to tempt the animal to dig anymore.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Wonderful garden space........a lovely blank canvas for beautiful growing! I forget where you are you have armadillos? They did the ground like this. I have never seen potatoes like that!

icebear said...

Thanks! We don't have armadillos up here (Maine) but we do have skunks and opossums. We still haven't seen what is doing this though it seems to have stopped for now.

Those potatoes have been planted for a week now, nothing coming up so far though. I wonder if they were too rotten to grow.

LadyJ said...

Hey Ice! Just checking in! Love your blog!