Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Warm and dry.

I hate to complain though,  its actually too dry.  We have had no rain for over a month if i remember correctly. Its been windy also...  not breezy...windy.  Anyway,  its so dry that authorities have asked people to not even use gas grills for outdoor cooking.  Unfortunately,  this weather just screams out for grilled food...  luckily we don't have  a water shortage,  its just the old grass and dry brush in the woods that have them worried. Once things leaf out  and green up, it won't be so risky.  We have a 50% chance of rain for Thursday and a 10% for Friday.  I hope we get some.  Luckily the majority of my plants are drought tolerant.

As far as the plants go,  things are looking great.  They are pushing out leaves and sizing up.  The goji already have tiny flower buds about the size of this o.
The rough looking blueberry at least looks like it will recover.  The others are getting ready to bloom.  I think i'll cover them with something this winter.

The Sparkle strawberries came in on Saturday and were planted in the big terracotta looking pot.  I ordered 10 but got 11,  so that was nice.

 photo IMG_20130505_114036_304_zpsd486a17f.jpg

The Ancient sweet peppers on the right look so good compared to the ones i sowed weeks before.  Basil and borage on the left:
 photo IMG_20130505_113815_014_zps5359d34b.jpg

Older peppers, eggplant and parsley:

 photo IMG_20130505_113822_787_zps6b69d369.jpg

 photo IMG_20130505_113828_225_zps760c69c7.jpg

Tea hibiscus and green shiso.  the red never came up.
 photo IMG_20130505_113834_030_zps54651506.jpg

Small asparagus harvest
 photo IMG_20130506_112945_042_zps62f67b8f.jpg

Still having to bring the seedlings in at night.
 photo IMG_20130507_081950_393_zpsf38c4019.jpg

Its supposed to stay in the 40's tonight so maybe i won't have to take them in.  Supposed to be in the 70's today,  yay!

I got the cukes, squash and melons planted on Sunday
 photo IMG_20130507_082152_820_zps9f270c19.jpg


Dewberry said...

Wow! The asparagus looks amazing! I've never tried to grow it yet, but I'm planning to do it :)

icebear said...

They were yummy. I started them from seed about 4 years ago and this is the first year i can harvest some.