Monday, April 26, 2010

More sprouts coming up

I think at this point all wintersown seeds that will come up are up (excepting peppers and eggplant maybe).  The Goji has also sprouted, one of the Leonotis leonuris have come up, a few of the scabiosa, most of the gaillardia, some of the rudbeckia and some other assorted ones i can't recall right away.

I haven't planted the paeonia seeds yet.  not sure where to plant them since they are supposed to be slow germinators with a large root.... so they will need something bigger than a 6pack or peat pellet to start in.

Today's job will be to make a list of sprouts. 

Oh, and i never did make the final graph drawing of the planting map for the garden. I did lots of  "sketches"  while trying to decide the minimum size i need the garden to be, but now i have to really pay attention to plant height and sun angle.  I also need to make a planting calender for things that can be planted in succession.  Some people can do all this in their head, almost instinctively. I cannot.  I have to write things down. I mentally understand all the little bits and pieces of information, but i can't line them all up internally. 
Maybe if i am successful a few years in  a row, this will all come together, but before now i gardened in plots like this:

So, the list today so i know what i must have room for.  Then for the next few weeks i can make a graph drawing.

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