Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nothing much

At about 9:30 this morning it was 62 degrees outside, under the hoops it is 74. It was very foggy  out this morning. The humidity was 92 percent.  It is supposed to warm, humid and overcast for much of the day today, which is good weather for having set out peppers and eggplants. Less chance of them drying out and the row covers keep in the warmth and humidity longer for a bonus.

Not sure what if any planting will happen today.  Everyone else seems to not be feeling well again, which means i and the little one are the only ones awake.  Even the cat and the dog are napping... the hamster too.  The bird is awake though.... and the fish, last time i checked.
I have been up since 5:30am

Had to repair the electric fence this morning. Hubby broke a corner post with the lawnmower last night and didn't bother to tell me.  I know he knew he did it cause the broken post had been shoved back in the ground but the wire was too low and was in the grass. The fence had also been shut off and not turned back on... so it was unarmed all night. I noticed the 'on' light wasn't blinking, so i looked and noticed.  I had to push the post into a new spot and then pull the cotter pin out to raise the wire level higher and then twist it a bit to tighten it back up.  I didn't have time to check under the covers to see if everything is still there. 

I need to wash out some trays so i can start chitting some berry seeds.


Faith said...


Your row covers are working well!


icebear said...


Chitting, aka:
paper towel method

its the same thing you do when testing germination rates. its also the term for getting potatoes to sprout eyes.

I have seen the word in catalogs and a few books recently. i guess its an accepted term
now, more commonly used "across the pond".

The row covers are making things interesting, Row 1 got to 94 degrees yesterday. Its got to be doing great things for soil temperature.
The soil feels pleasantly cool, but not a bit cold when i dig in to plant.
I wonder when things may get too warm and i'll have to remove them. The weather has been amazing.